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TRAVEL DEAL TUESDAY: Everything you need to know

Are you looking to plan a dream vacation but don’t want to break the bank? Then take advantage of Travel Deal Tuesday! The one Tuesday of the year where you can score some amazing travel deals.

Travel Deal Tuesday

What is Travel Deal Tuesday?

The day following Cyber Monday, or the Tuesday following Black Friday is known as Travel Tuesday, sometimes known as Travel Deal Tuesday. It gives travel companies the opportunity to offer up discounts on hotels, cruises, flights and more. Consumers can expect to find more travel deals on this day compared to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Travel Tuesday was started in 2017 and since then has grown, each year more travel companies are embracing the it.

When is Travel Deal Tuesday in 2022?

In 2022 Travel Tuesday falls on the 29th of November. You might find deals leading up to this day, but a majority of the deals will only be accessible on Travel Deal Tuesday.

Tips for shopping on Travel Deal Tuesday

Research prices in advance

Retailers have a long-standing practise of raising prices right before a sale. It gives the impression that their products are more expensive and their discounts are more even better than what they actually are.

Airlines and travel agencies use this trick too. They will also use marketing tactics such as creating a false sense of urgency with sale countdowns and imply they are offering a once in a lifetime deal.

Don’t let companies fool you, try and do your research weeks in advance of Travel Deal Tuesday.

Start watching in advance – Subscribe to emails

Leading up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday, think about subscribing to the email newsletters of your preferred airlines and online travel companies if you haven’t already. The chances are pretty high that email subscribers will be the first to learn when these businesses are preparing to launch sales. You may even get a chance to get an early peek at the sales.

Be quick because deals do sell out

Be prepared to jump online as soon as the sales begin, because there is a good chance deals will sell out. The deals on Travel Tuesday will sell out in a heart beat, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t wait for too long, because companies will only provide a fixed quantity of travel deals.

Check out your favourite travel providers

Travel Agents can make booking online a lot easier, but you shouldn’t limit your deal hunting to just those websites. Check out any preferred direct transportation companies just in case. Consider checking the websites of your preferred hotel chains, airlines, or cruise lines on Tavel Deal Tuesday to see if they’d re running any of their own specials.

There is no need to veer away from companies you know and love. Anyone can create a website or travel app, so be careful. Sometimes if it is too good to be true, they might be the case.

Websites like Hopper are a great way to find more information about Travel Deal Tuesday and find some great deals.

Read the fine print

It is always crucial to read the fine print, but now is even more crucial. Should a problem arise and you are unable to keep your reservation, you should know the cancellation policies and procedures. It’s important to understand your alternatives if you have to cancel your vacation, as some businesses still provide flexible policies, however many other don’t anymore.

Watch for Blackout days

On Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday, there’s no doubt you will find some amazing travel deals, but there will probably be a catch. Be aware of any black out dates that the travel agency might have. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have multiple date and destinations in mind before you start your promotion search. That way, if your first option isn’t available on Travel Tuesday, you have a back up plan and can still benefit from some of the deals.

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