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Canggu, Bali


Canggu feels like the untouched destination that hasn’t yet been overwhelmed by Bali’s tourism. It’s the place to get away from the hustle and bustle of it’s neighbouring villages. With it’s hipster vibe and it’s intimacy with tradition this beautiful village will change the way you think about Bali; you’ll be travelling back to Canggu for more.


Things to do

Street Art – One thing that isn’t hard to find in Canggu is art and more specifically street art. Just wander around the village to find artists in action, creating some beautiful pieces on newly constructed buildings and blank canvas’. Hire a scooter and explore for a day.

Wander around the village – As well as street art there are so many beautiful things to see around the village. From local temples, rice paddies and quirky houses, it is a serene escape. Canggu also has some of the most unique shopping available and is fast becoming well known for its enticing food scene, check out my post on where to eat here.

Visit the beach – There are a lot of surf schools scattered around Canggu, whether you’re a surfer or just want to stroll down the beach. Canggu beaches are where you will find peace a quiet without being asked to buy something every 5 seconds. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get the beach to yourself.

Shop – Canggu has a very different style to the rest of Bali with their boutiques and retail spaces. Whether you are looking for clothing, home decor, gifts of surf wear you will find what you need amongst the earthy and unique vibe that Canggu has to offer.

Where to stay

If you are travelling with family, Canggu can be a little hard to find transport. It’s almost impossible to hail a taxi as there are never any around, you will need to call a taxi from hotels or restaurant. If you are travelling with family I suggest you stay around Finns Beach or the Coastal Stretch. There are clusters of hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches and activities within walking distance.  Making it much less stressful when you have kids in tow.

Hotels near Canggu Coastal Stretch

Koa D Surfer Hotel If you are looking for something affordable that is close to everything Koa D Surfer hostel is a great choice. Price Range: $40 – $90 AUD per night. Compare prices here

Villa Berawa Wanting to treat yourself to a villa at a reasonable price this is the place to go. Price Range: $125 – $140 AUD per night. Compare prices here

Hotel Tugu If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Hotel Tugu is the place to stay. Extravagant hotel close to some of the best restaurants in Canggu. Price Range: $300 – $400 AUD per night. Compare prices here

Hotels away from the crowds

If you are a couple or a solo traveller looking for some quiet time away from the crowds and to stay amongst the locals I recommend moving away from the beaches.

Canggu Surf Hostel – If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay that isn’t located where all the tourists and crowds are at Canggu Surf Hostel is the place to go. Price Range: $40 – $60 AUD per night. Compare prices here

Zoe Villa Canggu Bali – Just wanting to relax with loads of privacy. Zoe Villa has affordable rooms with private spas and luxurious amenities. Price Range: $110 – $220 AUD per night. Compare prices here