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How to find the Petroglyphs in Zion National Park

Where do I find the Petroglyphs in Zion? This post is going to tell you everything you need to know about finding this unique gem. Located in Zion National Park.

Humans have occupied Zion for 7000 years. The age of the petroglyphs is unknown but could date back this long as well. What are Petroglyphs? They are rock carvings made by pecking on the rock surface using a stone chisel and a hammer stone. These are different to rock paintings, called pictographs.

Petroglyphs in Zion National Park
Petroglyphs in Zion National Park

How to get there

So, where do I find the Petroglyphs in Zion? To find the petroglyphs drive down the the Mount Carmen Hwy. You will pass through two tunnels, one that is quite lengthy and a second shorter tunnel. After the second smaller tunnel, drive approximately 2.25km (1.4 miles) past the second tunnel. You will pass a very small stone wall on the left (this is a tunnel). Continue driving, until you find a wooden fence on your right with a parking bay. See Google street view below. Coordinates for the parking bay are 37.224900, -112.909335.

Google Street View of Zion Parking Bay

You can park by the wooden fence and walk back to the stone wall. Walk off the road behind the stone wall, and you will find the tunnel that passes under the road. If you walk through the tunnel you will be on the wrong site of the road. Don’t walk through the tunnel. If you stay on the stone wall side of the tunnel, and walk into the park. Inwards from the road you will find the petroglyphs. 

I hope that people treat these petroglyphs with respect. The more they are touched, the faster they are going to be damaged and worn down.

Petroglyphs in Zion National Park

If you wonder through the small canyon. You will find some beautiful walks and rock formations. Wearing a pair of really great approach shoes, will make it a lot easier to walk and scramble over the sandstone.

Zion National Park Sandstone

Zion National Park Essentials

  1. Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.
  2. Approach shoes or hiking shoes, especially if you’re exploring the sandstone.
  3. Food and water, there isn’t much around inside the national park.
  4. First Aid Kit, this is just an essential in most National Parks.
  5. Camera or smartphone to take photos.
  6. Appropriate clothing and layers. Guests are always surprised by the weather. Either it is cooler or warmer than they expected. Look at the long term forecast while packing


Trail Information

Petroglyphs in Zion National Park Trail Details

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