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The best restaurants in Cairns

While visiting Cairns I found some great places to eat. Setting aside Australia’s relaxed attitude about pretty much everything, we serve up some pretty good grub.

La Fettucina – Italian

This place was by far my favourite restaurant. I decided to put my faith in the waiter, and ask for what she thought was the best dish on the menu, I weas not disappointed.

She recommended the Amatriciana, a delicious combination of tomato, bacon, onion and chilli.

It was the most amazing pasta dish I’ve ever eaten in my life. Paired with the Nero red wine, it complimented the pasta dish perfectly.

La Fettucina make their pasta fresh daily.

Ochre – Australian

Ochre has a unique menu, utilising native Australian bush tucker, they create explosive flavours that complement my mouth perfectly.

With the atmosphere and unique dishes, this was a worthwhile experience.

Their tasting platter is the best way to try multiple dishes on their menu without paying a fortune.

The Davidson plum mousse, macadamia pacoca, lemon myrtle and coconut ice-cream, shown below, was my favourite dish on the menu.

Kanpai – Japanese 

This is a gorgeous sushi restaurant with a tranquil theme.

If you’d like an evening out undisturbed, Kanpai have a self-service system for both food and drinks.

The service was prompt and they were willing to make changes on request.

Please note it may look like a massive floppy dildo in my hand, in fact it tasted delicious.

My friend decided it would be funny to request 2 servings rolled into one.

Regardless of the size and girth of my sushi roll it was tasty.

Prawn Star – Seafood

This unique restaurant is located right on the water at Marina Point.

If you’re willing to leave your table manners behind when you step on the boat, this is the place for you.

Experience typical Aussie dining, find a seat, order your meal and shout when you need another beer. The seafood was good value for money and the novelty of dining on a boat is fun.

Sweets Planet – Desert

This is a cute little Korean sweets cafe in the middle of town.

This was my first time trying Bing Su and it was refreshing, with a subtle sweetness.

I loved “The Little Prince” paraphernalia decorating the cafe, if you haven’t read the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I highly recommend it.

Australia Food Travel

Fresh takes – Melbourne cafe

This cafe was my favourite place to visit, while I was admitted to the Albert Road psychiatric hospital.

The colours, the flavours and the cheerful staff, gave me a bit of light in my darker times.

Their amazing coffee and colourful food is worth the visit, have a look at some of their dishes.

My favourite, chia seed and coconut yogurt.

Polenta porridge

Hotcake. Soooo good!

If you’re starving for colourful goodness and want to visit The Kettle Black, you can click here for their website and details.

Getting there: You can get to The Kettle Black on Albert Road, by catching tram number 16, 72, 8 or 67 from Flinders, heading in the direction of St Kilda.

Get off at stop No. 20 “Domain Interchange” which is right in front of the Shrine of Remembrance.

Otherwise, it’s quite a nice walk from Flinders Station if you’re up for it. Happy eating friends. 🙂