Best Travel Gift Ideas for Christmas

Travel gift for Christmas

Finding the perfect travel gifts for Christmas for the avid traveler or adventurer in your life can be an exhilarating journey in itself. Whether they’re jet-setting across the globe or exploring hidden gems closer to home. Here’s a curated list of thoughtful and practical gifts sure to delight the wanderlust soul. I will admit this does include a list of gifts I have either bought myself, or are on my wish list this year.

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Under $50

Universal travel adapter

Heymix Universal Travel Adapter

This is by far the best travel adapter you could ever buy. We travelled from Australia, through Asia to the UK and Europe. It is compact, has no annoying wires and provides you with a power plug, three USB ports and a USB-C port. This covered us with charging all of our phones, cameras and smart watchers while we were travelling. Check out Amazon if you’d like to purchase one of these as a travel gift for Christmas this year.

Packing cubes and organisers

Compression Packing Cube

Organisers and packing cubes are a must for avid travellers. They will help you to stay organised on any journey. These handy organisers maximise luggage space and keep belongings neat and easily accessible, making packing and unpacking a breeze.

Refillable toiletry bottles as a travel gift for Christmas

Refillable Toiletry Bottles

As much as I love hotel toiletries, nothing compares to my products at home. Refillable travel bottles let me take some of my favourite products with me. You can snag yourself some cheap travel bottles like these from your local pharmacy, Kmart or BigW or Amazon for those of you outside Australia. These make for a really cheap and easy travel girl for Christmas.

Ries Refillable Bottles

I have always wanted to get myself some of these Reis refillable toiletry bottles. They have been all the rage and I am really hoping to snag myself some of these to give you all a full review.

Hanging toiletry bag

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is great for carrying all your essentials, as well as a medications bag or first aid kit. Toiletry bags with a hook to hang the bag from is great when you are in small a space, on a cruise or staying in hostels. A hanging toiletry bag makes for a great cheap travel gift for Christmas. Find a huge variety of travel toiletry bags at Kmart or Amazon.

Lightweight day pack


A day pack is another great, cheap gift for any adventurer. Day packs are great for when you want to take a lightweight back pack for a walk during the day, walking around the city or on a day hike. These are light compact and perfect for carrying your essentials.

Yeti rambler


All Yeti products are built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. Yeti water bottles, tumblers, ramblers and eskies can take the abuse every day adventurers put them through out in the field and on the water. Yeti products simply won’t break and keep your drinks cooler or hotter for longer.

Subscription to a digital travel magazine as a travel gift for Christmas

International Traveller

If you’re searching for a gift for a loved one that is already on the go, or about to start their adventure a digital magazine subscription makes a great gift. A digital travel magazine means you won’t be giving someone a bulky Christmas gift before or during their travels. Traveller International is a great one, but I am sure there are many more available.

Under $100

Map or travel journal

Worldmap travel gift for Christmas

I love the idea of keeping track of all your travels. That’s partly why I started my blog. I bought a pin board to capture my travels and loved it. You can get yourself some unique scratch-off maps and pin boards from Amazon or Etsy.

Travel journals are also great go the avid traveller to keep a memory of their adventures. I have taken more to the digital form of journalling. But having a physical journal to write in can be therapeutic.

Portable power bank

Power bank

Portable power banks are a must for long travels with limited access to power. They are great for keeping your phone charges and can sometimes help with powering other small portable electronics. These days the battery life. in phones are getting better. But when you spend days without a power supply, a power bank is very handy.

Portable hammock for the outdoorsy


Portable hammocks are a great gift for any friend that has a love of the outdoors. Great to take with you when you’re out for a hike or on a camping trip.

Airline voucher

Airline vouchers make a great gift for any traveller. If you know where or who your friend or family member are travelling. Getting a voucher for an airline that aligns with that are great. Otherwise getting a voucher for any of the budget airlines are great, because they are usually the ones with affordable fares. There is nothing worse than getting a $50 voucher for an airline that sell tickets starting at $500.

Experiences or Tour Gift Vouchers

Gift an unforgettable experience by booking a guided tour or activity. Whether it’s a cooking class, city tour, or adventure activity, these experiences create lasting memories. My go to tour booking site is Viator, since I started my travels in 2013. Viator has always been reliable, they provide an easy booking service and you can also find them on Cashback sites. Viator have recently created a rewards program, which is another way to earn while you book.

Travel pillow and eye mask

Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

All the essentials for a long haul overnight flight or train ride. Travel pillow, eye masks and ear plugs will help you get some shut eye while travelling. It is an essential travel accessory and is a great travel gift for Christmas. You can get these at your local travel shop or Amazon.

Noice cancelling headphones

Beats flex black

Beats flex headphone as the best travel companion. They are compact, light weight and easy to travel with. Noise cancelling and easy to carry. I love that beats have a neck strap so they are easy to carry when you have your hands full and you are less likely to lose them. Check out JBhifi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys or Amazon if you are sourcing from outside of Australia.

Under $200

Carry on travel backpack

Caribee Traveller Carry-on Backpack

This is by far my favourite travel backpack, we bought this for our trip to Europe and it has been a go to for most of our trips these days. It’s the perfect size for carry-on luggage and it is compartmentalised for organisation. This is one of the best travel gifts for Christmas for any traveller. You can get these from your local travel bag store or on Amazon.

Subscription to a language learning app

Duolingo is one of my favourite language learning apps. It incorporates visual, audio and written learning styles to help you learn a language. You can use Duolingo for free or with a paid subscription for Super Duolingo gives you unlimited mistakes, no ads, personalised suggestions based on progress and unlimited tries to reach legendary level.

Under $1,000

Compact travel camera or GoPro

GoPro as a Travel Gift for Christmas

My go to camera for underwater and extreme sports is a GoPro. Capture every moment of an adventure with a compact yet powerful travel camera. GoPro’s are ideal for capturing action-packed moments during outdoor activities. You can buy the new GoPro 12 from JBhifi, Harvey Norman, Good Guys or Amazon for those outside Australia.

Olympus Pen

Compact cameras offer high-quality photos without adding bulk to luggage. My go to compact camera is the Olympus Pen. I love this camera, it’s compact but still has the features of a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. It has a vari-angle touch screen display which is great when you want to take selfies. It gives you quick access to filters and colour controls, and when I’m finished taking photos for the day I transfer photos to my phone through wifi.

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Travel gift for Christmas

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    These are great recommendations but mostly I want to buy most of these things for myself LOL Especially the noise cancelling headphones because that is always a challenge, especially when flying 🙂

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